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Career Options for Python Developer

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Hey everyone let’s take a look at the article for the session we’ll begin by taking a look at an overview of the career options so we’ll take a look at all the career options we’ll take a bird’s-eye view of all of the career options that are available and from there on we’ll start discussing each career option one by one.

We’ll begin by taking a look at automation engineering then we’ll take a look at web development we’ll move on to ethical hacking then we’ll take a look at game development and finally we’ll take a look at data scientists so for each of these sections we’ll take a look at the introduction what these career paths involve what do these what do people with these job titles do then we’ll move on to take a look at the skill set that you need the tools some of the tools that you might need to know to become professional in these fields and then, later on, we’ll take a look at the average salary of these jobs in us UK and India so that you get a good feel.

 what these career options could yield to you once you’re done pursuing them alright so let’s get started so first let’s take a look at an overview of the career options so since python is quite a versatile language you can have a few career options in python.

If you know python then there are many fields that you can go into some of these are the ones that we’re discussing here it’s not that these are the only fields that you can go into there are many many other fields as well but these are the fields that are the most prominent one first is the automation engineer field second is web development third is ethical hacking both are game development and then there’s data scientist machine learning engineer they’re both closely related so we’ve trapped them all into one single field.

 let’s take a look at automation testing so we’ll first have an introduction to what is automation testing engineer so automation testing is done when a person writes python scripts that can be used to check whether or not computer software is behaving the way it’s expected for instance.

If you have computer software and you wish to check whether or not it’s working correctly or whether or not things that have been used to make and to build it are using correctly the components are working correctly such as the database interaction the network layer interaction so on and so forth you can write python scripts that can automate this process although there are people out there who do it manually automation is really taken off and nowadays people prefer having an automated test orientation.

Take a look at some of the tools these are just some of the things that you might need to know to become an automation tester the first thing is selenium although automation testing requires a lot of tools and there are a lot of tools out there selenium is by far one of the most popular ones,

It’s an automation testing tool that allows you to automate a browser uh most notably chrome and using that you can just instruct it to find elements click elements to fill in some text fields so on and so forth and the browser will follow all the instructions that you have written and will follow an entire use case scenario in case something fails it will notify you immediately so instead of you having to do it all manually the browser will take a look at all of that and then will notify you whether or not the server is not working or it’s getting an incorrect response this is all done through the user experience.

 This browser will act as a user it will be automated by python scripts so how a user will interact with the product is how the product is going to be automated using python and then the browser will make the interactions happen and if something goes wrong then we will be notified but what about from the development perspective this is where testing comes into play.

You can take a look at pi test is one of the most popular frameworks for testing in python it allows you to write tests it allows you to create mocks it allows you to create stubs it allows you to basically take a look at the code and then test the code itself instead of taking a look at the output or the end product and then using the python code to automate that and products interaction so here you will take a look at the code this is more like white box testing …

Here you take a look at the code you will write a test for the code to check whether or not it’s working correctly or not and then later on those tests could be part of the test suite which then will help us understand how you can go about doing groups and the spy unit.

It’s another testing tool but it’s focused mainly on testing the code and testing individual components or individual units of code other parts of the code could be isolated so your application doesn’t need to know much about it and you just need to know by unit or the unit testing tools that you have available per unit is quite popular in both the development and testing communities so selenium pi test and pi unit are three of the things that you might need to know to become an automation tester now let’s take a look at the average salary of an automation tester so in us it’s 98 000 per annum in India it’s 6.15 lakhs per annum and in the UK, it’s 62 000 euros …

You can see this is what the average salary of an automation tester is this is the average salary this could vary uh widely depending on the company the skill set the experience and so forth but on average a person gets paid this much now we’ll take a look at web developer and will understand what is involved in creating web applications now in case you are wondering how you can get the skills that I’m describing how you can learn to use these tools to further your career in python do stick with us to the end and we’ll guide you through some of the resources that you can use to get better at these tools and easily pick up these skills so that you can get it done right all right…

 A web developer that uses python can build the back end of a web application python is used to build the backend now the backend can either serve the entire web application so it could be all the markup is templatized and then you can get data from the database and then hydrate the markup and then send it to the user so this is how PHP would work so you can use that way or you can create a web app basically what web app allows you to do is allows you to systematically and programmatically expose some data that you have in your database.

You wish to expose all the lists of users available in your database just their username and the database you can do that and then the front end of the application will take a look at the data that is sent back and then uh build the entire webpage on the client-side so either way is useful and python supports both the ways so it’s quite versatile as we have already discussed and you can do it that way now let’s take a look at some of the tools that you might need to become a web developer.

 The kind of kinds of technologies that you need to know so web development involves the use of many tools and technologies some of these are the first one is Django Django is by far the most popular one it’s currently in its third version it’s a really good framework very easy to get started with it’s got batteries included.

Anything that you might need to do to create a web application such as database interaction authentication authorization serialization dc realization uh response parsing there is so many things that are needed and Django makes it all easy for you it allows you to break up your apps into break up your entire web application or the back end of your web application into smaller applications which can then be used to create separate functionalities or separate features so to create an authentication system you can create separate applications for authentication and that way you can just plug and play your applications.

 Which is quite easy to use then there’s a flask to get a higher level of access and control on the code that you write you can use flask is a microframework it only takes care of a few subsets of the thing and the rest of the things are left on you for you to figure out class works well with other tools as well in case you wish to introduce your database access technologies such as an object or objects relational mapper or you just want to do the traditional ways by getting the data from the database and converting each row into a domain object you can do that with flask as well and then comes web to buy vertical isn’t that popular but it’s quite useful in some scenarios.

 If you have a really small application or you want to build uh applications for quick prototyping purposes web 25 is a very easy to learn tool web 25 is also quite good for you to use on your projects and so on and they can help you out with a lot of things as well so Django flask can we have to fire three of the most popular tools that are used in python and are used in web development let’s take a look at the average salary of a web developer so in u.s it’s 102 000 us dollars in India it’s 7.25 lakhs per annum and in the UK it’s 76 000 pounds so as you can see it’s quite a large sum of money and again these are indicative these do not exact.

 You need to consider that as well let’s take a look at ethical hacking so what is ethical hacks an ethical hacker tries to break into a system to find out security loopholes that need to be fixed it is to be understood that ethical hackers are employed by the company in whose system the uh hacker tries to break into,

you get onboarded into a company on a contract basis they ask you to have three months full access to the systems that they want to check whether or not are hackable or not you can then take a look at the networking schemes can take a look as pretending as a malicious user you then need to figure out ways that through which you can break into the system if you find a way it should do to report back to the people who have employed you and those people can then fix those things and you could even help them out into fixing these problems so that would be useful and that’s why ethical hackers.

 Ethical is all about that’s what ethical hacking is all about so let’s take a look at some of the tools now the tools for ethical hacking are not just based in python but python is quite popular in this field because it’s very easy to learn and ethical hacking is mostly about networking but you know if you know programming then that could be helpful the first word is scattered now scapi is a tool that allows people to sniff network packages so packages that are coming in or out of a router or coming in and out of a network scapi can be used to take a look at those packages.

 If it’s interacting with an unsafe network such as you are on a cap you’re in a cafe and a person is logged on to the same router in the cafe as you and they are interacting with a non-HTTPS website which means it’s not secure and anything that is being sent over the network could be easily intercepted and then uh and then taken into account.

A person who can take a look at the username and password that you’re sending over the network would easily hack into your system so that’s what’s capital then there’s low grip what flowgraph does is that it takes a look at the requests and response coming in and out of a network and it matches the response body with a particular pattern that you’re sending it so if you want to get all the requests that have username or password in the request body then you can take a look at that or you if you want all the network requests that are going to a specific domain.

 You can take a look at that as well program flow graph allows you to narrow down the request that you’re taking a look at if you want to make a career in data science then has IIT madras advanced data science and ai certification program this course is of very high quality and cost-effective as it is taught by IIT professors and industry experts then there’s subgroup it allows you to take a look at all the supplements available for a particular domain so if you are working on an example.com.

All the domains that you can explore instead of finding out yourself you can use sub root and it’ll tell you whether or not mail.example.com or sample.example.com or database.example.com lms.example.com are these domain names available for a normal user and if uh if they are then how can we use them that’s where ethical hyphen tools come into play these are some of the subsets of the tools are large in number and there are a lot of tools available.

 We’ll take a look at different uh different methodologies and will help help you navigate these tools and then to understand how you can learn them so stick with us till the end but till then just let’s just take a look at what else we have let’s take a look at the average salary of an ethical hack so the average salary of an ethical hacker in us is 110 000 which is quite a lot and then in India, it’s 9.25 lakhs per annum and in the UK it’s 86 000 pounds so with that in mind let’s take a look at game development using python.

Game development is quite a vast way many people get into programming to learning how to build games of their own now game developer uses python to build games which can be played on a variety of platforms such as computers mobile and so on there are many ways that you can build games on file using python and we’ll take a look at some of them.

Now let’s take a look at the tools the first one is spy game by game is one of the easiest to use one of most easy to use python gaming frameworks it allows you to build games using some of the most common technologies that you come to use such as sprite sheets and collision detection and it does all of these things for you many of the gaming engines that we will discuss will take care of the physics for you so in case you throw something in the air in a 3d game how does it then get back onto the surface that we have created and what the interaction will be like all of that is taking care of many of the game engines.

 The pi game does have extensions that allow you to do that so you can take a look at those as well and it makes it easy for us to understand how to use these game tools and these gaming tools are quite easy to use by themselves as well then comes pi OpenGL so OpenGL is a graphics library that has been created and is being used by a lot of people to create a lot of different things pi.

 OpenGL is the python extension that allows you to write python code to create OpenGL scene graphs objects and enter and monitor their interaction with each other OpenGL allows us to efficiently render complicated objects on the scene graph or on the screen that we have available and in those screens, many games use OpenGL extensively so to create stellar visuals and great graphics you need to understand how to use OpenGL and for python users you can use by OpenGL for that pi OpenGL also allows you to write your OpenGL scene graph.

 Interpret some of the OpenGL objects that have been created by other people so it’s quite easy for us to use as well so do understand how to use that and try and use that as well then comes b so in case pi game didn’t work out for you you found it to be too complicated or confusing then kiwi is an alternative to that QB also does many of the same things that pi game.

It’s very easy to understand it’s very easy to use it also allows you to create applications for great games that can be used in either of the mobile applications or the desktop applications or many other places.

You can take a look at kb as well if the Pi game seems to be a little too daunting for you but I would recommend that you check out all of these tools get a feel for which one serves your needs the best and then use that let’s take a look at the average salary in the u.s it’s 115 000 in India it’s 8.5 lakhs and in the UK, it’s 72 000 pounds so that’s how that works and now let’s take a look at data scientists so data science and the data scientist takes a lot of data and gets useful and in useful insights out of the data or the what they do is they take the data and trade a model which can predict by learning from the data.

Data science has elements of machine learning. Well, data science is part of machine learning and a part of a broader range of artificial intelligence which takes a look at the data and figures out what we can extract out of it to get better predictions to take a look at some of the tools that are available for us as data scientists.

We have data scientists and data scientists which have many tools available these are a few subsets of them the first one is pandas and as is a tool that if you have worked with data science for any number of times it’s a tool that allows you to take a look at structured data so if you have data saved in a CSV file in an excel file in an excel worksheet if you have data stored in a database file you can get it into your python program using.

Using python by using pandas and then you can visualize the data you can perform data running tasks you can group the data sort the data drop some of the columns get some of the data clean the data there’s a lot you can do with this especially the cleaning part and the cleaning the data dropping columns all of the system ridiculously fast expanders it is very performance optimized so it’s very useful in that regard as well then comes num pi is by far one of the most popular languages out there.

Num pi is you used to num pi is one of the most popular libraries out there num pi is used for numerical manipulation so if you are someone who’s getting into the crux of data science and you’re trying to come up with algorithms and you’re creating a lot of simple equations but you want them to run as fast as possible in python using num pi is quite a good thing.

 Python the normal data types that we use to store a lot of unnecessary information that is not that useful for generic computation num pi strips them out and allows you to perform these computations quite easily it has a lot of convenience functions as well that allows you to just lean over the initial complexities and then figure out how to apply these functions on the data that you have it has since it has functions to calculate the sine and cosine values and do matrix multiplications transformations Fourier transform.

Any data complicated task is a numerically complicated task.Num pi can perform then there’s psychic learn sci-kit learn is by far one of the easiest to learn libraries and what it does is that it takes care of the initial hurdles of learning how to create create a machine learning model or a data science model by learning algorithms,

Instead of having you implement all the algorithms psychic learn takes care of that it contains a lot of generic algorithms that have been developed by people who are working as data scientists for a long time so what they do is they take the data they convert it and then defend it back to the users so in case you wish to become a data scientist.

 You want to take a look at the sci-kit line you can take a look at that as well in the cycle and you take a lot of you to know to take a lot of packages that cyclist learns provides and in those there are packages for accuracy testing training testing and splitting the data cleaning the data.

If you want to build a model you can just import a generic class that can take in the data import them or take in the data train the model and then allows you to make the predictions and those could be saved to be used or exposed later on as well so these are the three two three libraries that are incredibly useful in data science with python there are other others available as well but these are the ones that are the most useful all right let’s take a look at the average salary so the average salary of a data scientist in us is 112 000 us dollars in India it’s 9.75 lakhs per annum and in the UK, it is 87 000 pounds.

 You can see data scientist is a job that’s quite an in-demand it’s probably one of the most popular jobs and one of the most well-paying ones as well and with that…

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