What is a Network Interface Card | How Does a NIC Work

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Have you at any point thought about what interfaces your PC to an organization? In the background, there is a segment considered a Network Interface Card that is working diligently. This equipment segment is utilized to permit your PC to associate with an organization such a switch or a neighborhood. 

Without a Network Interface Card (NIC), you were unable to associate with the web from a PC. 

In this guide, we will discuss what organized interface cards are, the reason they are significant, and what goes into a NIC. How about we begin. 

What is a Network Interface Card? 

A Network Interface Card, or NIC, is an equipment segment that permits you to associate with an organization. A NIC circuit board is normally incorporated into the motherboard through a PCI express space, which is utilized to add extension cards to a PC. 

Most PCs have a NIC inherent. This is on the grounds that they are so essential to a PC. You can add in your own NIC to a PC in the event that you need admittance to extra systems administration highlights. On the off chance that you will construct your own PC, you should pick a NIC. 

The NIC goes about as an extension between a PC and an organization. Most NICs support Ethernet cards and Wi-Fi-controlled organizations. This implies that it doesn’t make any difference whether your organization is wired or remote; a NIC will in any casework. 

NICs have various names. A few groups allude to them as Network Interface Controllers, while others call them network connectors or Network Adapter Cards (NACs). At whatever point you hear these terms, you ought to recollect that they all allude to a card that interfaces a PC to an organization. 

NICs are allocated a MAC address. This is utilized to interestingly distinguish a NIC on an organization. You can discover the MAC address of a NIC by taking a gander at your PC’s gadget organizing settings. 

How Does a NIC Work? 

A NIC permits a gadget to interface with different gadgets on an organization. NICs are frequently utilized with Ethernet links to actually associate various gadgets with an organization. 

For example, a worker will have a NIC which permits it to interface with a switch. You could associate your PC to a switch utilizing a NIC. A printer has its own NIC so it can interface with the organization with which you need to utilize the printer. 

NICs work a couple with other systems administration gadgets to interface you to an organization. NICs just permit you to interface with different gadgets. In the event that you need to associate with the web, you will require a switch. Switches interface a nearby organization to the web. 

What Are the Types of NICs? 

There are two kinds of organization cards: remote and wired. 

  • Remote NICs utilize remote advancements to get to an organization. These remote organization cards have a receiving wire emerging from them which permits them to interface with an organization. 
  • Wired NICs have an Ethernet network link joined. This permits you to associate a PC to an organization over a wired association. Some NICs offer the two highlights. The one that you should utilize relies upon your utilization case. 

On the off chance that your switch is far away and you need to associate your PC to your switch, a remote association might be ideal. On the off chance that you need greater reliability, a wired association may be more ideal. 

On PCs, NICs return out of a PC close to different ports, like the force attachment. PC NICs are typically appended to the side of a PC. 

A few PCs don’t have an inner NIC, which implies the NIC isn’t within the PC. These PCs normally depend on outer NICs, which are NICs that are associated with a PC from an external perspective, for instance through a USB association. 

How Fast Are NICs? 

At the point when you purchase a NIC, you’ll see a speed rating in its item portrayal. This rating will give you a sign of what strength of organization association you will get over the NIC. 

Wired associations are normally quicker than remote associations in light of the fact that an immediate association is made between two gadgets on an organization. All things considered, remote NICs are in no way, shape, or form moderate. 

The speed of a NIC doesn’t speed up your web association. Numerous NICs support 100 Mbps download speeds. Utilizing a NIC of this limit doesn’t imply that your web association will speed up; the NIC is just an interface between gadgets. 

Then again, a NIC may bottleneck your web association with a gadget. On the off chance that you have a strong web association and a NIC that is slower, at that point, your association speeds on your PC will be restricted to that of the NIC. 


NICs permit you to associate a PC with an organization. There are two sorts of NIC: wired and remote. Wired NICs permit you to interface with an organization over Wi-Fi. Remote NICs permits you to associate a PC to an organization over ethernet.

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