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10 Top Software Testing Companies In Singapore

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Top Software Testing Companies in Singapore

Here is a List of the Top Software testing companies: Top software testing companies from Singapore.

When you are developing software you need to test it for malfunction or error so you can release the final version of the software. There are many companies in the market that provide you with software testing tools and many more.

But knowing what is best for your business is a tough choice. But do not worry because once you are done with this article you will have a clear picture in your mind about what you need and want.

In this article, we will review software testing in short and mainly focus on the companies who provide Software testing service provider companies.

Here is the list of Top Software Testing Companies in Singapore

  • Impact QA
  • Indium Software
  • ScienceSoft
  • Virtual Electronics
  • Tecziq Solutions
  • Netset
  • Solvd
  • Mitrais
  • Shift Asia
  • CIS

Impact QA

This company has extended its services to multiple business domains such as Startups, education, fintech, media, healthcare and others. They are equipped with 10 years of experience in QA consulting, performance testing, automation testing, IOT testing and functional testing. Your process will get a significant boost with their test automation services and give you customer-centric results. Their mobile app testing services enhance the quality of your applications and your business scale. They have over 250 QA engineers who have completed more than 900 projects.

Indium Software

It comes with first-rated QA services like testing services, digital QA, uphoriX and tool-based testing services. Under these categories, they offer various other specific services. It has Mendix low-code services that make software testing faster. You can also derive the insights of your data with the help of its machine learning’s actionable predictions. The key to having a successful business is to cater to the needs of your customers and give them what they want. This is now easier with Indium’s customer 360.


ScienceSoft is a software development and IT-based company which has more than 700 employees who are devoted to their work. This US-based company has also several different services available for its clients such as software development outsourcing, software product development and custom software development. It has worked with the most well-known companies in the market like eBay, Nestle, fired, Deloitte, NASA, IBM etc. their expertise in software testing is more than 31 years. 

Virtual Electronics

This company is based in Singapore and is driven by the power of technology and deep experience in the field. Their strong online presence is established in test outsourcing, mobile application development, custom software, architecture, system analysis, cloud services, design and digital marketing. Its big data and analytics are highly accurate in finding the hidden patterns, market trends and customer preferences. Virtual Electronics helps you build an MVP to improve your new/existing mobile application.

Tecziq Solutions

Tecziq Solutions offers well-planned strategies with innovative, scalable and robust software solutions. Web development, mobility solutions, strategic services and managed services are some of the best assistance offered by Tecziq Solutions. The employees first strategize, plan and then they execute. After that they evaluate the results and according to them, they enhance the application and only then they deliver it to their clients. This company has served many renowned businesses like G biosciences, iBoomerang, Gordian Capital, DalGroup etc.


This company’s digital product development includes custom software products for business ops, web applications and mobile applications that are scalable. You can either let the tech brainiacs build the next product you desire or you may hire a professional team of skilled engineers remotely. They have over 10 years of experience and more than 4000 successful projects. The client retention of this company is 98%. You can optimize the cost of up to 60%.


This company’s aim is to boom tech companies. It prioritizes producing products that will be on high demand in the present market of technology. It specializes in quality assurance, mobile solutions and web application development. The packages are quite reasonable and catchy. You can even get MVP in two months. You can deploy open-source automation frameworks, test Solvd with a quick prototype/product roadmap if you want to be sure before investing money in this.


With 29 years of experience and 500 clients across the countries, Mitrais is one of the top software testing companies in Singapore. It has 400 very dedicated, fast-working and skilled engineers with deep knowledge of Desktop solutions (like C++, Winform, C#, Java etc) Web solutions (like Javascript, .NET, HTML5, Azure etc) and Mobile solutions (like Android, Ionic, iOS, Xamarin etc). This company has acquired famous partners like Microsoft, Sparks, Precision, ABB and many more.

Shift Asia

This company has secured its spot among the leading software testing companies that have had more than 15 years of work experience. As there are many challenges and benefits with the digital economy, their mainstream work is outsourcing the software testing operations and quality assurance. They have more than 2800 eminently adept employees who are skilled in test planning, designing, execution, automation and inspection, consulting, security test and last but not least software development. 


CIS is a custom software company that will take your business to the next level. Mobile apps and games, UI/UX/CAD designs, SEO and digital marketing, web, BI/AI, Crypto, AWS, VR/AR, IoT and wearables. It does not limit to one industry as it has spread its wings in industries like Automobile and transportation, travel and hospitality, fintech, retail and e-commerce, gaming, Hitech, music and industries and manufacturing. CIS is up to date with all the latest approaches to enhance AI-based applications.


This article has listed all the thriving Software testing companies in Singapore that have more than 10 years of excellence in this field. They have worked with hundreds of companies and delivered successful projects.

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