Oracle introduces personalized Journeys to help employees navigate HR processes

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Oracle Journeys focuses on improving employees’ navigation of complicated HR operational activities.

Just like we approach a Vaccine Economic system, one of it’s future challenges for companies is to provide a better worker experience while using business applications.

This is particularly important now that employees didn’t switch to a coworker for assistance once they’re locked.

It is indeed beneficial for the entire knowledge of the impact of employee very well work performance, that CHROs are keeping in mind as those who prepare to facilitate the team to ‘ prototype work schedules.

Oracle Journeys, which was released today, offers a more effective organisation for a wide range of Hrm activities for companies that use Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM. To have the clear knowledge and expertise how HR processes are carried out in an organization, Oracle fusion HCM training is an added advantage.

The vice president of Global HCM Product Strategy  i.e Yvette Cameron at Oracle, discusses the new functionality as well as what it implies for companies. She seriously thinks that the new technologies customization and digitization will assist HR leaders in increasing employee loyalty and cooperation.

Hr professionals could use Oracle Journeys as a no-code opportunity to promote individualized, process guidance to organizations as those who navigate activities and critical path like going back to work, migrating, looking for a new job, or trying to deal with injury or illness.

Employees to access such journeys from ones mobile or desktop devices, and also through apps or the Oracle Digital Assistant bots, as well as what they are seeing is instantly customized based on ones profile data and AI guidelines. The system is made up of three major components:

They are:

  • Journeys Launchpad
  • Journeys creator:
  • Journeys Booster:

Journeys launchpad:

Offers a structured location for workers to start exploring, release, as well as start sharing Journeys customized to their specific needs. This can organize any Journey that is relevant to the an employee, whether it is allocated by their management team or suggested by AI based on the previous decisions, occurrences, or career advancements.

For instance, recently promoted employees might well be triggered with such a New Head coach Journey, these kind of returning to the office may still be provoked with a Going back To work Safely Journey, and that those looking to relocate to a new building may be triggered with a Moving Journey and directed through the next steps  all immediately inside of ones LaunchPad.

Staff can access and finish their Journeys from every device, such as desktop, portable, chat apps, as well as Oracle Digital Assistant.

Journeys creator

A no-code interface through which HR management teams can generate and allocate journeys from sketch or by altering a catalog of pre-built frameworks.

Journeys Booster

A functionality for integrating Business processes and other business activities throughout Oracle Fusion Cloud to third-party processes and application servers such as DocuSign and HireRight This makes use of Oracle System Cloud’s process automation functionality, with only minor coding required.

HR acts as an center for innovation:

Whereas the focus is on HR leading the way in creating journeys, individuals could also be extended into certain application areas and used for non-HR procedures including such product announcements or economic closing.

Cameron thinks that Hr professionals will collaborate work with business supervisors to achieve journeys which are customised to the objectives of the company, right unique to personal teams.

She takes the opportunity for Hr professionals to lead the way in assisting their agencies in providing a better workplace culture as they adapt with new ways of doing things.

Individual workers do not currently have access to the journey configuration tool, which is only available to HR managers and senior managers, and they can share existing journeys to colleagues if those who believe they could be pertinent.

The capacity to alter or start creating journeys may well be added later Cameron wants people to have more authority over their experiences.

It’s was central to her former positions prior to actually joining Oracle, as Ecosystem Lead for Velocity Network, that is developing a blockchain-based scheme to expedite and handle the verification of employees’ qualifications including such skills and experience.


Even before adopting all these new capabilities proper planning and an eagerness to construct and test journeys cooperatively are required. However, assisting individuals in navigating complex business processes faster and with less discomfort is a worthy sentiment which will be much required in the following days as companies transition to different innovations of hybrid as well as comfortable working.

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