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Oracle speeds Cloud Migration with New Oracle Cloud Lift Services

by VarshaDutta Dusa
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This blog is intended for providing a glance at Lift Services in Oracle which helps in accelerating the speed of Cloud Migration.

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We start the session with why we use Oracle Cloud Lift Services, what are the migration features in cloud migration, and then will dig deep into the new oracle cloud migration lift services.

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Why use Oracle Cloud Lift Services?

The following reasons explain about using lift services in Oracle Cloud.

Engineering resources that are dedicated

Infrastructure, software, procedures, and people are all part of a full cloud solution. Oracle dedicates its finest engineers to swiftly move qualified client workloads to Oracle Cloud as part of the Oracle Cloud Lift initiative, allowing customers to get the most out of their OCI investments.

Planning Support via go-live

To reduce your time to value, a specialized team of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure professionals will work with you from start to finish, including evaluation, design and prototyping, migration, and management.

Tenancy includes access to the program

The Oracle Cloud Lift program provides globally accessible services and is included in the customer’s Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy.

Oracle Cloud Migration Features

1. Simple and Efficient

Oracle automated tools enable migrating your on-premises database to the Oracle Cloud as easy as feasible. You can manage your cloud-based Oracle Databases using the same products and expertise as you would on any other platform by using the same technology and standards on-premises and on the Oracle Cloud.

2. Flexibility

Depending on your requirements and business objectives, you may migrate your Oracle Database to the Oracle Cloud straight from multiple source databases into numerous target cloud installations.

A well-defined collection of tools allows you to select the technique that best suits your requirements.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

The same flexibility that allows you to move your Oracle Database to the Oracle Cloud directly is used to discover the best cost-effective option for the migration’s purpose and length.

Oracle will provide a cost-neutral solution even if the automated tools determine that an Oracle licensable product should be used to optimize your migration.

4. Scalability and Highly Availability

When moving your databases to the Oracle Cloud, the close integration of all migration tools with the Oracle Database allows you to keep control and achieve better productivity, while MAA-approved tools and Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM)-based migrations assure a seamless migration.

New Oracle Cloud Migration Lift Services 

The expense and labor of migration are two of the most significant drawbacks to cloud adoption.

Oracle clients now have increased access to resources of cloud engineering and technical tools to swiftly migrate workloads to OCI, thanks to the announcement of new Lift Services in Oracle Cloud today.

All prevailing and new customers of Oracle Cloud across the world may now use these resources without any additional charge.

Vinay Kumar, the senior VP for the infrastructure of Oracle Cloud said, “Our customers need a smooth cloud transition, and we can deliver that with the proper direction, hands-on assistance, and solution architecture,”.

“The Lift Services in Oracle Cloud is one of the numerous improvements we’re doing to help customers succeed with Oracle Cloud faster.”

Oracle’s new initiative establishes a single contact point for every technical deliverable and eliminates significant knowledge barriers to OCI adoption, accelerating the value of time and increasing innovation potential.

Clients that use the Lift Services of Oracle Cloud for getting access for Oracle cloud experts and premium technical services, which have helped enterprise customers like Rice University, Cargill, and Seattle Sounders FC speed their migrations to OCI.

Customers will be able to use cloud engineering services for tasks such as hands-on migrations, go-live support, performance analysis, and application architecture as part of the initiative.

Oracle will assist clients till their Workloads are currently being produced, and also teach their employees with best practices such that they can manage the environment in the future.

Partners and customers are already experiencing the new program benefits and are completing migrations faster, allowing them to allocate their IT investment much for more important operational services and significant digital transformation initiatives.

Gopikrishnan Konnanath, head of SVP and Service offerings of Oracle Services in Infosys said that “Our combined clients benefit from Lift Services of Oracle Cloud and cloud offerings of Infosys Cobalt, which enable them to expedite the process of cloud migration and modernize their landscape for achieving quicker business outcomes.

As a business partner, we assure success for clients by implementing transformation programs which are outcome-driven that help our customers become more resilient, competitive, and agile.”

Oracle Cloud Lift Services has also benefited Seattle Sounders FC, a professional soccer team in the United States.

Ravi Ramineni, the vice president of Soccer Research and Analytics, Seattle Sounders FC stated that “We’ve been closely working with the Infrastructure of Oracle Cloud to overhaul our information systems so that we can develop solutions for analytics of the future.

On and off the field, this helps us stay ahead of the competition. We were able to speed our cloud migration by using Oracle Cloud Lift Services, which provided us with important hands-on knowledge from Oracle’s team of Cloud Engineers”.

Cargill is a prominent global food company that collaborates with farmers, retailers, governments, producers, manufacturers, and various other organizations to feed the globe in a long-term, responsible, and safe manner.

Terence Schofield, the Technology Director of Cargill’s Quantitative Trading stated that “We’re always searching for innovative ways to enhance and develop our company at Cargill.

Through the Oracle Cloud Lift Services effort, Oracle’s cloud architects brought us to production from zero and formed it as a simple transition in deploying the services of new Cargill on their cloud, everything while retaining a target on security.

We required performance and assistance to ascend into the clouds from the ground, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provided it”

Rice University employs Lift Services of Oracle Cloud to assist with the implementation of OpenNebula on an Oracle Cloud, that involves technical tasks like the Kubernetes cluster deployment in large-scale on GPUs. It is one such significant open-source initiative in which the university’s IT department is involved.

Klara Jelinkova, the CIO of Rice University said that “We’re grateful that this Oracle project has allowed Rice and Oracle to give back to the OpenNebula community with this resource.

Close communication between my team and Oracle technical specialists has offered possibilities for learning and has allowed us to experiment with new and creative technological solutions”.


In this article, we have discussed the purpose of using Oracle Cloud Lift Services, the supportive features of cloud migration, and how oracle accelerates the cloud migration process with new lift services.

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